Invite Education Through Play

How can you interest people in a topic that appears esoteric, complex, or just plain boring? And how can you then utilize that interest for good?

AMERICA 2050 is a satirical gaming platform that invites users to learn more about politics and how "the system" works by playing games.

Shine A Light

The Home Depot's retail model allows for a vast inventory and low prices — but how does this affect their shoppers? This case study explores how technology and design can improve the experience.

Connecting Streamers & Designers

No longer do streamers have to rely on outside platforms to build their brand. The Twitch Design Studio is a marketplace within Twitch allowing streamers to easily connect with designers and find just the right custom emotes, alerts, and more for their channel.

Sustaining Our Online Future

Digital Sustainability is the attempt to maintain the balance between our Internet usage and the costs of that usage. Sustainable practices are becoming ever more necessary as Internet traffic blasts continually upwards.

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